Memoras de Mi Abuelo (Memories of My Grandfather)

My grandfather, Anibal Falabella, died in 1996. When I was in college, I wrote a poem about him. The original is in Spanish, but I’ve also included the English translation.

Memoras de Mi Abuelo

Los años pasan
sin tu presencia
pero tu memora vive.
En mis fotos descoloridas,
los tiempos buenos se recuerdan
como si pasaron ayer.

Cuando miro estas fotos,
escucho tu risa
y a veces escucho tu voz.
Sin saber, sin recordar que haces
se que me estas haciendo

Se que tú presencia
era para mí un consuelo.

Memories of My Grandfather

Years pass
without your presence
but your memory lives.
In my faded photos,
I remember the good times
as if they happened yesterday.

When I look at these pictures,
I hear your laugher
and sometimes I hear your voice.
Without knowing, without remembering what you’re doing
I know you’re making me

I know your presence
was a comfort for me.

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Vanessa Cozza

Vanessa Cozza

Originally from the Philadelphia area, I studied at Bowling Green State University in Ohio where I earned my PhD in Rhetoric & Writing. An assistant professor position at Washington State University Tri-Cities (WSUTC) led me to move farther west. At WSUTC, I teach first-year writing and advanced rhetoric and writing courses. Although I have a variety of research interests, currently I’m examining the literacy practices of public street artists and murals, including graffiti and photography. Specifically, I’m looking at how this type of visual rhetoric tells a history, addresses political controversies, and makes art more accessible to a broader audience. Aside from academia, I also spend a lot of my free time crossfitting, sous cheffing, and couch potatoing.

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  • Lou Galindo

    Que poema tan bello. Mi abuelo murio en 1988 y todavia lo extraño mucho, pero las memorias que tengo de el me dan tanta alegria. Gracias por compartir tus memorias con nosotros. =)

  • Suzy Garza Higley

    🙂 yo también. except my spanish is really embarrassingly bad. lol… but i read it in spanish beautifully. That was lovely Vanessa!!!

  • Becca Lingley

    Thank you for this. I miss my grandfather, and this piece evoked nostalgia for me.