That Oh S*** Moment

You’ve taken her to dinner for the first. The movie is entertaining, but you spend more time sneaky glances at her. The way she eats her popcorn fascinates you. Her laughter at the movie’s shenanigans has your blood on fire. The movie ends. You drive her home, listening to her quote her favorite parts of the movie you forgot to watch. The car stops. You walk her to the door. The small talk flees like a cockroach from the light.

This is the moment.

This is the decision: to throw fear to the wind and in a moment of passion, take the risk that only a kiss can bring. Or to run like the coward you are, back to the comforts of your existence.

Will she fall head over heels for you or reject you? Will this be your crowning moment or the epitome of failure?

Enter the “Oh S*** Moment”.

Its the moment where greatness is found. Its the moment where you find out what you are made of. Do you have the guts to take a risk and hope it does not fail? Or will you shrink at the moment?

3 things you need to know when
faced with the “Oh S*** Moment”

Do or do not, there is no try- Yoda.

Failure is NOT when you take the risk and things don’t work. Failure is when you decide to NOT take the risk in the first place. Thomas Edison said it best, “I have not failed. I’ve found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

The “Oh S*** Moment” never comes when you expect it. 

The most successful people in life did not wait around for this moment to miraculously happen so they could decide to take the risk that would make them successful. They made a decision early in life that they would devote everything to their dream. This meant that if they gave 20 years to seeing the dream happened and it didn’t work, then that was 20 years gone. Their “Oh S*** Moment” just came earlier.

On the flip side, sometimes the risks that will turn us from men to giants come at the most inopportune time. A change in your life, a traumatic event, a friend saying “You’re good at that, ever thought of starting a business?” Any of these could be your moment.

If you don’t think “Oh S***” at some moment then this isn’t the right moment.

Taking the next step in your life, business, school, <insert adventure here> should be uncomfortable. If it is too easy then something isn’t right. Taking a risk is not always a bad thing. If you want to gain muscle then you have to push your muscles past their capabilities so that they can grow. The same goes for your next step. The risk allows for growth.

So here you are, on the doorstep with the girl who has captured your heart and mind.

What will you do?

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Ty Mulholland

Ty Mulholland

Mastermind @ , by mastermind we mean fumbling, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants, accidental, ah s###! designer/creative. Ty is currently is the Creative Director @elevatenet and aspires to be a pirate.

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  • Truly inspirational Ty! I would argue that the risks that will turn us from men to giants ALWAYS come at inopportune times. There’s a ton of work that goes into keeping certain aircraft flight ready. Even if those flights happen rarely, we always need to be flight ready. Great read!