Like My Mom

I giggle to myself thinking, ‘Oh. My. Gosh, when did I turn into my mom!!???’ 

I do all the things that I used to roll my eyes at. All the things that I found embarrassing and annoying in public. I am her. 

When I started to realize this was happening, (about the time I had kids old enough to make me talk through clenched teeth, about the time I realized I took the guilt trip to an art form, about the time I realized that my mood could swing from happy in the middle of a sentence… to ’TURN THAT DOWN NOOOOWWW!” …evil red faced mom in an instant), I was horrified! No way am I like my mom!!! But I am. 

What’s funny to me now is that it ever really bugged me. Why do people hate the idea of being like their parents? Of course my mom is not perfect, but she isn’t all bad, she isn’t bad at all. Actually she is pretty awesome. And for the longest time I only saw my annoying qualities that I identified with her. The stuff motherhood brings out in you. I mean besides the ‘dive in front of a bullet for you’ kind of love. But now I see there is so much more to her than that…so much more to me than that too. And when I notice myself talking to strangers in the grocery line like long lost friends or changing the words to songs so they can be about doing the dishes while I do the dishes…it just makes me giggle. Because I’m silly…just like my mom. And I can’t even help it.

There are a lot of reasons why I see my mom differently now. I guess I see her as a person. A whole life, not just the years as my mother. She’s my friend now and we can be silly together and laugh at how we both are. It’s the best. I admire my mom so much. She is someone who has lived with a strength I only hope to inherit as well. She has an optimism and fight for life that is inspiring. And forgiveness and patience that I only now am starting to understand. She’s a fixer and a prayer and doer and maker, and I love that about her. I want to be like my mom. Yep. I just said that.

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Suzy Higley

Suzy Higley

Wife to my childhood sweetheart. Stay-at-home mom of 3 awesome boys, ages 14, 12, and 5. My youngest is non-verbal and has Autism. Currently starting a community with other Autism Moms called Better Together. More social learning opportunities for our kids on the spectrum are needed...and because I couldn't find them, I'm creating them. I also draw and paint on both paper and walls...and furniture. And speaking of furniture, I have a chronic furniture rearranging condition that I'm seeking help for. Not's my favorite.

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  • Elsie Puig

    Suzy, this is so me. I love my mom so much and I can appreciate all the things she did for us and still does and I admire her greatly. Sometimes I have those moments as well “Wow I’m just like my mom” and then I smile.