Be more of who you are.

I recently watched Oprah Winfrey’s commencement address to the Harvard class of 2013. If you’ve got time, it’s definitely worth checking out. Of the nearly 30 minute speech, a mere six words absolutely struck me.

Be more of who you are.

It’s ridiculously simple advice, and yet, profound and deeply insightful. Read the words, say them out loud, let your soul feel them.

Be more of who you are.

I’m tempted to stop right there, because that is the core of what needs to be said, to be heard. But let’s face it, I’ve got more to say, so get comfortable.

Those six words are simple but perhaps slightly deceiving in that right, because it’s not always so simple and easy to just be more of who you are. From my experience, it can be really hard, even frustrating, painful.

But when you find and embrace the whole, true you, the most freeing sense of self and confidence are suddenly manifest, and that is a moment you’ll not soon forget.

Think for a minute, about all the traits, skills, flaws, quirks that make you the person that you are. Those are all yours. Not one other soul on this earth has the same combination of characteristics, it’s fascinating. But what does it mean?

It means that you are the best you out there. Period. You are never going to be a greater version of your spouse, a smarter version of your coworker, or a kinder version of your mother. And you know what? It’s okay.

Ah, because the best part is this: no one will ever be a better version of you. Not ever in this lifetime.

So be more of who you are.

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Stephanie Maier

Stephanie works with her favorite friends at &yet as a customer happiness engineer. She is living her dream of doing work that matters and makes people smile. Her full time job is wife to Mike and mama to Carter and Paige. She's also got a love and passion for baking, writing, wine, and fashion.

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  • Steve Meddaugh

    Thank you Stephanie – this is something I really needed to hear right now. Your timing is impeccable.