On birthdays and procrastination

So, it’s that time of year again… birthday time. Ugh.

You know that thing you do when you’ve lived another year? That thing… that “look back over the last year and evaluate your life” thing? I hate that thing. I’ve been putting it off (much like I’ve been putting off writing a blog post… sorry, John!), and it’s bound to come smack me in the face sometime soon.

I know a few fortunate people that have no problem just sitting and thinking. I know many more, however, that are incapable of doing nothing (myself included). What is it that we fear to discover if we sit quietly with ourselves? Give me more than a minute or two, and I will be checking email, or Twitter, or reading a book, or playing a game, or listening to music.

None of those activities is bad, obviously, I just don’t think it’s good to use them to fill time. For me, it presents like a compulsion. It’s almost as if I am constantly distracting myself from thinking. So again, what is it that we fear to discover?

I don’t have the answers. Just think about it… or distract yourself from thinking about it if you have a similar affliction to mine. ^_^

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Sara Quinn

Sara Quinn

Although she began college life as an art major, Sara was quickly sucked into the whirly depths of psychology. She spent a few years working as an educator and eventually became a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.Now she gets to make stuff for a living, which suits her fine.Sara co-owns Squid&Crow, and lives in Pasco with Brendan and Lila. She happily spends hours composing, coloring, and texturing (when she’s not geeking out on comic books and video games).

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