Feeling Good

Last weekend was great.

Really, really great.

First off, Saturday was International Table Top Day. Brendan and I played some board games, ran Protocol, and won some prizes.

Then we went to the Roxy to see Otis Heat. I had seen them before, but this time they sang one of my favorite songs in the style of the incomparable Nina Simone, and I had one of those rare moments of perfect bliss.

Music, pool and shuffleboard and beers with my beautiful friends, and frenetic, I-don’t-give-a-shit dancing…

It was wonderful.

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Sara Quinn

Sara Quinn

Although she began college life as an art major, Sara was quickly sucked into the whirly depths of psychology. She spent a few years working as an educator and eventually became a Peace Corps volunteer in the Dominican Republic.Now she gets to make stuff for a living, which suits her fine.Sara co-owns Squid&Crow, and lives in Pasco with Brendan and Lila. She happily spends hours composing, coloring, and texturing (when she’s not geeking out on comic books and video games).

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  • Kriste Colley

    Love it!! I didn’t make it to Roxy at all this winter 🙁

  • Sara Quinn

    I’m a fan of that place. What made the evening was hanging out with Nick, Vanessa, Doug, and Brendan. Those cats made my night!