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Part of me had a hard time watching the Super Bowl. The same part of me that would love to just curl up with a blanket near a fire in my cozy house. This happens to also be the same part of me that doesn’t like bodily injury. As I sat and watched the pre-game festivities and clips I realized that the players are well aware of what could happen to them. They realize their bodies could be bent, broken and rolled off the field in a stretcher. They know chances are, someone is going to get hurt. Possibly career ending. But they step out on the field.

Why would a sane person take these risks?

Because they are masters of following their dreams.

During media clips, when faced with the question, “How do you feel? What is this like?” Over and over again we hear, “This is what we have dreamed about since we were little kids.” The answer is found in the dream.

Still, I’m still not convinced that’s why we don’t follow our dreams. The Bible has a really cool message in it, it’s one of my favorites. “When I am weak, I am strong.” We don’t follow our dreams because things can happen to us, we follow our dreams in spite of things happening to us. We end up not finding our strength, not knowing how strong we are because we are afraid. We fight it. We don’t want to open up to so much uncertainty.

A blank slate can be unnerving. It’s the worst part of the creating process. That first brush stroke or word can be so overwhelming to get down. Until things start taking shape, none of us really know where we are going or what we are doing. Maybe that’s the risk.

It’s time. The world needs your dreams. We need stories that inspire us to jump into ours. There was a quote this week on the radio, “Your purpose is finding purpose and helping others do the same.” It’s going to look like ‘work and risk’ when we would really like ‘safe and predictable’. Opening up and being vulnerable when it feels like the ‘whole world can do it better so what’s the point’. It’s going to take being ‘weak’ in the eyes of many for a time to find our strength. It’s going to take hope and grit, belief and a little Bruno Mars to dance to along the way. We may not have to be willing to have our bodies be crushed for our dream, but there will be a crushing of things inside of us. Things that don’t belong.

If the greatest words of my life,
haven’t been spoken.
And the greatest deeds,
haven’t been done.
If the greatest love of my life,
isn’t done loving.
And the greatest pride,
hasn’t burst my heart wide open.
If the greatest change of my life,
hasn’t transformed me
And the greatest mistakes,
haven’t been realized.
If the greatest accomplishments of my life,
haven’t been conceived.
And the greatest victories,
haven’t been felt.

So, where will today take us?

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Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers is a wife, friend, daughter and homeschooling Mom of 3 from Pasco, WA that thinks laughing isn't optional but necessary. Recently relocated from Nashville, TN and loving being back in the Tri-Cities. Someone that doesn't know what she is doing half the time but is content learning. Writing has always been special to me but has recently become something more meaningful.

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