It’s January first. Naturally we are looking ahead at this
blank slate of a new year before us dreaming and wondering what it
holds. Some of us are scared, some excited, some don’t want to
forge ahead and some are running into it with open arms. Part of me
feels like I need an, “I survived 2013” t-shirt. But part of me
will miss it. There is always good with the bad, sweet with the
bitter. That’s how life works, no?

What does following your dream look like?

This is a question I started asking myself in the late fall and
haven’t been able to answer completely. In my mid-thirties now, I
am realizing I have way more questions than answers at a time in my
life where, in my teens, I would have thought I had this all
figured out by now. Humans want answers-we help the horoscope and
psychic industry thrive. We are looking through the brokenness of
our lives and we want those answers. What will be? What will
happen? Will I be ok? We need something to hope onto.

I did manage to come up with one answer in the last few months of

The future is supposed to be uncertain. It depends on the

The right now is creating our future. The right now steps are
leading us down a road called future. Along the way, we will see
dreams be birthed and we may lay some to rest. We may find answers
that satisfy us and we may find answers that lead to more
questions. Some roads may be stony. We may try to take those stones
and throw them at people in frustration. Some roads may have tall
weeds where the cares of this life may be choking out life itself.
Some roads may run along still waters; some, rough seas. Some
through busy cities or country lanes. The road swerves and as we
put one foot in front of the other, the scenery changes.

We need seasons. We get bored.

Then spring comes. The time when we get to plant, enjoy new life,
fresh warm air. Go outside a bit and reflect on the winter. There
is pain and then there is joy. One cannot exist without the other.
They compliment each other, they give perspective.

So what does it look like to follow your dreams as we are on the
threshold of a new year?

I don’t know.

But I have some ideas.

I think it looks like putting one foot in front of the other and
walking. Through pain and rain, we walk. Through joy and sunshine,
we walk. Through tragedy, pain and loss, we walk. We may crawl at
times but at least we are moving. We inch forward, we press
through. Because we don’t know what is around the next bend. We
can’t see what’s over the next hill. Our travel buddies share the
anticipation but truth is, we don’t know.

So let’s take one more step into 2014 and see what dreams await.
Because we really are the creators of the roads we walk on and it
really is about the journey.

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Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers is a wife, friend, daughter and homeschooling Mom of 3 from Pasco, WA that thinks laughing isn't optional but necessary. Recently relocated from Nashville, TN and loving being back in the Tri-Cities. Someone that doesn't know what she is doing half the time but is content learning. Writing has always been special to me but has recently become something more meaningful.

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