When I was a child I played the game, Memory. I would try to match up the cards and when I did, there was a celebration. These days, my kids play. My little girl is smart and gets more matches than I ever did at 3. The anticipation as each card is flipped. The excitement as you find an answer you have been searching for what seems like forever but has only been 30 seconds. Life is like that, the best memories, like snapshots in time that we collect in our minds.

David’s harp playing was said to calm Saul when he was held captive by an anxious heart. I wonder if David’s playing ever calmed his own heart? You can hear when someone is playing through their pain, it alone can be enough to make you cry. There has always been a soundtrack. Life offers something beautiful worth capturing, among a whole lot not worth capturing-but always music. Feels like the heavens flip a card and I flip one here. Sometimes they don’t match but sometimes they do. And when they do, celebration. Only celebration.

Life is lived within the celebration. Queue the music. Through the pain, we dance. Through the chaos, we laugh. Through the darkness, we smile. Some moments in my life feel like they have been in slow motion. Almost as if to allow more time for joy. The stillness allowed me to soak up every ounce in my spongy heart. The chaos slowed down just enough to get the snapshot that will fill a thousand heavenly scrapbooks.

Yet our hands clasp tighter, as if to control the time we have. When we don’t even control the stillness. It might surprise us, the little control we have. I can close my eyes and see the ocean. The cool air. My memories play like an old fashioned slide show but the feelings are so strong. The nearer I am to the joy, the more complete I feel. The farther away I am from the joy, the more captive I feel by this life.

I’ve felt a little off track. I believed things about myself that were not true. Its taking time to find my way back to the truth of me. There will always be something in our lives to unhinge us. But if we close our eyes, we can feel the cold sand and hear the ocean roar. We are brought back to the center. To where our peace is. Where there are boxes of reels with slow motion celebrations recorded. We can’t control life, just enjoy it. So yes, queue the music, close our eyes and remember the joy. There has been so much. No matter what else comes our way. We have a chance today to dwell and enjoy.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

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Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers

Sarah Flowers is a wife, friend, daughter and homeschooling Mom of 3 from Pasco, WA that thinks laughing isn't optional but necessary. Recently relocated from Nashville, TN and loving being back in the Tri-Cities. Someone that doesn't know what she is doing half the time but is content learning. Writing has always been special to me but has recently become something more meaningful.

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