Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig.

I’ve probably started writing this post 6 or 7 times in the last couple of weeks while I’ve been away from home traveling.

I’ve seen and done so many great things, eaten more food, all good, than I can think of, walked the same steps as hundreds before me. I have much to write about. Maybe too much.

While traveling and being away from home it was easy to appreciate the newness of everything around me. I went to Florida for the very first time, Amelia Island to be exact. We stayed at a beautiful resort while the husband attended a conference. My son and I played on the gorgeous beach a scant 5 minute walk from our room, we got to hang out with friends and explore Fernandina, a colorful place. It was great.

In D.C. we walked “The Mall” and stood in awe of the massive buildings that have been constructed there. In fact it was almost impossible for me to wrap my head around the grandness of the monuments, museums, and the people and ideas they represented. I finally had to assure myself that it was ok to simply enjoy the view and appreciate the work, history, and love that had gone into the making and doing.

We went to Legoland where my son made so many friends I lost count. Here, for him, it was about people and not things.

We spent the last few days of our trip in Disneyland for my birthday. Talk about a dream come true. I was able to take my son on his first trip to the Happiest Place on Earth and I was even able to bring my sister along. I was wished a happy birthday by so many people, many of them my favorite characters, I was beaming. The complete look of enjoyment on my sons face as he experienced the joy that is Disneyland made bearable the few breakdowns we had.

Yet something was missing. You see, as I sit here on the plane ride home my mind is swirling in anticipation. I’m anxiously awaiting Saturday morning when I can drive over to Pasco and hit up the farmer’s market. I can feel myself working in the garden with my family in the chill of the morning, carefully tending those yummy homegrown bites. I’ve missed sitting down to dinner with my father (and mother when she’s not working evenings) every night, talking about our day and discussing gaming strategies. Tuesday Costco runs and seeing the same sweet people handing out samples. I’ve watched Frost Me Sweet update their gluten free cupcake flavors daily and wished I was there so I could pick up my favorites. I’ve felt detached, while immersed in all these other communities and places, I was missing mine.

So there’s this, no matter where you go or how far, there is nothing quite like coming home, wherever it is you consider home.  Those places of feeling fulfilled, where you feel pulled to and a part of. Isn’t that in itself worth the venture, knowing you always have a place to come back to?

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Rachel Baldwin

Rachel Baldwin

Hi. I'm Rachel. I grew up in the Tri-Cities. Been here most of my life, tried to leave for a few years claiming Eugene, OR as a temporary stopping point, but inevitably came back. Something always seems to bring people back here! Go ahead, try it yourself someday, it's uncanny.I'm a backyard chicken farmer, supporter of keeping it local, allergic to gluten, mother to a shining star and wife to a nerd.

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