Other People

“L’enfer, c’est les autres”  From the play Huis Clos by JP Sartre

ramblings of an anarchist

ramblings of an anarchist

Community is such a vast idea that I’ve been having trouble deciding upon a topic to write about. Do I call bullshit on all this “Just do it”, “Don’t be afraid to fail”, privileged nonsense that I keep hearing?

Think Twice

Just do what?


Should I discuss risk vs reward using the painful experience of breaking the L5/S1 disc in my back as an analogy?



Should I discuss consequentialist ethics and the externalities involved in most any nascent activity?

Or can I just sum this all up with the cliche, “Think before you act”. … But act nonetheless!?

All of these questions (and I’ve got dozens more) are based upon the writings of other authors participating in The Pot Luck. This particular community has led to a great deal of internal dialogue on my part, as well as to my current indecision. Perhaps my indecision comes from the information glut that our modern society produces (&yet, here I am contributing even more to the non-stop mumblings of the global online community). But what is at the root of all these ramblings? …Other people.

It seems a fairly basic and benign definition: Community is the result of interactions with other people. This implies that community takes more than one person. To put it another way that all of my dorky computer programmer people can understand, C = n + 1 people, where n > 0.


Although it is tempting, I am not considering the voices in my head as a community in and of themselves ;-p

I realize that I would not have been able to produce a magazine, record a rock-n-roll album, or develop FAFTC without at least one other person. But let it be known… I hate other people. Fuck them, and Fuck you! (but keep in mind, that is just one of the many voices in my head).

Most of the strife in my life has come from my interactions with other people. I’m fairly confident that this is the case for most people. Thus, community has a lot to answer for! Other people really do suck. Of course, I love lots of people, too. Sigh. And, there’s the rub. Finding good people involves dealing with others that may cause pain and heartache. For an introvert like me, that means putting yourself into uncomfortable situations. Does it payoff? Once in a while you’ll find a friend (or three) that will last the rest of your life, and that makes building community a worthwhile effort.

Good People



In conclusion… blah blah blah… info glut… Jean Paul Sartre… just duckduckgo it… and lest I forget, Paz y Fuerza.


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Nick Napoli

Nick is the fella who crosses the line and drags you, kicking and screaming, to the other side. Once there, he hopes you will begin to realize how liberating it is to cease incessant worries and let go of the mindless social norms that have been so firmly ingrained in our brains. He has held many titles in life: robot's bitch, designer, rocket scientist, gummy candy shot glass manufacturer, asshole, Zine maker, and most recently, ThePotLuck Contributor. "I wouldn't say I've become more radical: I was born radical." -Ai Weiwei

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