A billet-doux from me to you

An indelible afternoon shattered by the stars of both screen and sky. The fractals in your eyes coruscate in the dim light of the firmament. I can remember our every moment. The details fresh in my mind of our edacious meal. Not even the police can contain our rapture. I feel like the naked man seated atop Rodin’s Gates of Hell, thinking, with chin upon fist… Dreaming. This fertile thought slowly elaborates within my brain and I cease being a dreamer and become a creator. I create the thoughts and in turn the thoughts create my actions, my actions create your emotions, your emotions create my emotions, my emotions govern my thoughts and I am spinning within our nascent lust… around and around like you, my butterfly with butterflies… my inamorata. Which of these thoughts will turn to action this week? So many dreams, so many emotions, so little perspicacity, so little satisfaction. Have you seen anything like me? I can make your dreams come true. Nothing that I wouldn’t do.

A billet-doux from me to you

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Nick Napoli

Nick is the fella who crosses the line and drags you, kicking and screaming, to the other side. Once there, he hopes you will begin to realize how liberating it is to cease incessant worries and let go of the mindless social norms that have been so firmly ingrained in our brains. He has held many titles in life: robot's bitch, designer, rocket scientist, gummy candy shot glass manufacturer, asshole, Zine maker, and most recently, ThePotLuck Contributor. "I wouldn't say I've become more radical: I was born radical." -Ai Weiwei

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