Comfort Life

Most people have a comfort food; mine happens to be homemade burritos.

In fact, if we are what we eat, most of my extra weight is burritos.

I invite you to think about what your comfort moments are outside of food; something that you can do to almost immediately reset your stress tolerence.

It’s not necessarily relaxing; much like spicy food, it might be a bit intense.

I like driving on the edge of what the car is capable of doing.

When I’m on a back road, dominating the corners, the stress melts away and I live entirely in the moment.

Thankfully, the local chapter of the Sports Car Club of America gives me a legal outlet.

Auto Cross is a racing sport in which the courses are set up in large paved areas with a lot of tight turns and slaloms set up in cones.

It’s designed to be safe (you’ll just hit cones if you lose control), and inviting (most competitors use their daily drivers), and highly technical.

The last event I went to had the club members in suspension tuned Civics only 3 or 4 seconds away from the club members in super cars.

I’ve been under a ton of stress lately.

Luckily, I’ve discovered a legal way of completely resetting– auto cross.

So what’s your comfort life? What can take you away and make everything easy to deal with again?

If it’s driving, come join me at the next Sand and Sage Sports Car Club event. Go just to watch, hold on for ride alongs, or squeal your own tires!

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Nathan Fritz

A programmer, agnostic to any supreme language. Chief Architect at @andyet. Author of SleekXMPP, Thoonk, and several other libraries and tools.

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