A beautiful word when used as a compliment, but “privilege” can also be used to bottle up jealousy and anger. Don’t lob the word within any community as an insult.

1. It doesn’t matter

The person you think has been given more than you — did they have any say in the matter? “It was daddy’s money that got them their powerful friends” — or did they take what they’d been dealt and use it?

Perhaps they used it poorly or wrongly, but privilege itself had nothing to do with that. Perhaps they are in the process of learning to use their own unique opportunity well. Either way: Why judge by going back to blame the place you assume someone started?

2. You are incredibly

For you, too, are incredibly privileged. Not in a “you’re reading this so you must have Internet access” sort of way, but in a “fearfully and wonderfully made” sort of way.

You, my friend, are a person. That is your privilege. No matter how little, you’ve been given a lot more than most of the universe. You have a mind, a heart, and probably plenty of other possessions. Enough to do whatever you are called to do.

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Nathan Vander Wilt

Nathan Vander Wilt

Nate loves to wrestle big hard problems into little approachable softwares (/books/posts/tweets). If he's not busy designing apps for clients, he's probably busy building ideas for fun. Lately he's been also busy growing fish and plants together in his suburban greenhouse, and sharing good books and loud music with his family.

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  • I LOVED that you drew attention to our privilege, not as compared to other, less privileged humans; but simply as a human being compared to all else in the universe. Beautiful.

  • Suzy Garza Higley

    I agree with Keith! Beautiful said, and a needed reminder always.