You don’t have limitless potential.

Do you? Can you? Would you be able to…? Maybe if you could convince…?


It’s kind of disappointing. It’s kind of freeing.


you do have the potential to feel, to think, to respond, to remember, to care.


Let the results be out of your control, yet don’t let that potential — your privilege — go to waste.

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Nathan Vander Wilt

Nathan Vander Wilt

Nate loves to wrestle big hard problems into little approachable softwares (/books/posts/tweets). If he's not busy designing apps for clients, he's probably busy building ideas for fun. Lately he's been also busy growing fish and plants together in his suburban greenhouse, and sharing good books and loud music with his family.

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  • adambrault

    I apparently never got around to saying it, but this is one of the most inspirational and important pieces of writing I read last year. Thanks, Nate!