In contrast

We can’t ignore the things we hold in contrast.

These may be minor. Tastes we haven’t acquired, styles we don’t appreciate, policies we disagree with.

These may be fundamental. What our life is really about, its source, its duration, its end.

We tend to wish these disagreements away. The bigger they are, the more We Don’t Talk About them. Because, well… — because we understand we can’t really “agree to disagree”.

As much as we’d like to avoid conflict, and as often as we do succeed, all these contrasts are real. And of course they don’t just affect our decision-making process — they can affect its outcome. That outcome may effect us all.

Therein lies the trouble, irony even. On account of what we do have in common, we can’t always avoid sharing what we don’t share. We have no contrast in isolation. It’s only when (metaphorically) we speak the same language that we can and, sometimes, must exchange opposing words.

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Nathan Vander Wilt

Nathan Vander Wilt

Nate loves to wrestle big hard problems into little approachable softwares (/books/posts/tweets). If he's not busy designing apps for clients, he's probably busy building ideas for fun. Lately he's been also busy growing fish and plants together in his suburban greenhouse, and sharing good books and loud music with his family.

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    Great post.