In common

We sometimes forget how much we all have in common: not just head and shoulders / knees and toes, but also dread and orders, dreams and hopes.

Practically everyone we know falls into a narrow range of “trying not to get hurt, doing something to find meaning in life”. Some might seem to try harder, some might seem to get off easier, but aren’t we all somewhere plus or minus “just doing our job”?

Aren’t all our goals pretty noble, too? We yearn for good not just for ourselves but for our family and friends, for those like us. And we all hope people will like us.

We tend to judge those above and below us, yet we tend to make the same mistakes when we lose control or gain power ourselves. We do well, instead, to assume traits in others like we want them to see in us.

We share in common bad days and good days, and — whether our seasons are swapped or our mornings bring evenings elsewhere — these days we all share under the same sun.

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Nathan Vander Wilt

Nathan Vander Wilt

Nate loves to wrestle big hard problems into little approachable softwares (/books/posts/tweets). If he's not busy designing apps for clients, he's probably busy building ideas for fun. Lately he's been also busy growing fish and plants together in his suburban greenhouse, and sharing good books and loud music with his family.

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  • Becca Lingley

    I’ve been feeling a theme to your posts lately. I like the consistency of your message. Thanks for sharing.

  • melanie

    Well said. I’m lucky to have such a wise friend.

  • I’m guilty of often thinking that other people are “evil” and that they just want to do harm. It’s such a stupid mistake and one that can easily be avoided when I take a couple minutes to sit in that person’s shoes.