Character Development

For the past two years I’ve played a key role in organizing the logistics for a very non-traditional Barnum and Baileys technological event called RealtimeConf. Exactly one month ago to the day my team and I were kicking off one of our most ambitious conferences yet.

My role at &yet and with this event evolved pretty naturally, like most good things in my life.

In short, I met Adam, he highlighted my strengths, encouraged me and then let me take it from there.

I lived in Portland most of my adult life, so I had some first hand knowledge of the location for the conference. Also, my experience organizing a film production is much like producing a conference.

It takes a small army of creative minds, expertise and talent to pull this off. At one point, in the planning process, we created a list of everyone involved. We counted more than 500 people and that didn’t include individual teenagers from the marching band, children’s choir, chefs, police officers, caterers, or vendors.

I’m a person who enjoys problem solving and the feeling of accomplishment after the execution of a million details. But, most of all I appreciate the bitter sweet opportunity for character development especially when it slaps me in the face like the sting of a leather glove.

You see, I always have the best intention to communicate with ease and fluidity throughout an event, but than lack of sleep creeps in, stress and sugar levels get the best of me and suddenly my good intentions burn like embers in the distant black abyss. Well, that’s a bit dramatic, but the personal disappointment in those moments of poor leadership is deeply felt.

Like film developed in a darkroom. If the process goes awry, a person might end up with something underdeveloped, dark or fuzzy or something over-exposed and therefore too washed out and unclear. The key largely depends on how the technician responds to the exposure of light. I anticipate moments in life that give me the opportunity to be a better human and hope that maybe one day with enough chances, I might get it right.

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Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown

Melanie does not claim to be a writer, but she does have a lot of stories to tell. She loves the idea of a platform where she can share them. Melanie grew up in the Tri-Cities and then moved away for a really long time. She’s a Filmmaker, Producer, and honey bee enthusiast.

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  • This is also my hope for my life. Beautifully written and I especially like the analogy to film processing. xo

  • melanie

    I’m a slow learner. Thank you Erin for your kind words <3