We Were All Riverhawks

I saw a cool thing last Saturday: My entire Tri-Cities Twitter list, minus a couple stragglers, was tweeting support and encouragement for the Chiawana Riverhawks football team. Not just a couple tweets, either — it was going on all day long. (Also saw some of the same thing happening on Facebook, too.)

I saw people with kids at Hanford High School rooting on Chiawana, people with kids at Pasco High, Kamiakin and much smaller schools, too — all rooting on the Riverhawks, a team that many of them spent most of the high school football season actively rooting against.

But Chiawana had advanced to the 4A state title game. So this was different. When it comes to high school sports, we have a bit of a complex over here on the east side of the state. The west side gets all the attention and seems to win most of the state championships. They kind of expect it over there (especially in the Seattle area). It’s the normal order of things.

But over here, it’s special when one of our local teams gets a chance to become the Best In The State. That’s what brings us together. Normally enemies for 3-4 months, we’re all fans when one of our own gets a chance on the big stage of a state title game.

And, as you probably know, the team didn’t let its fans (new and old) down. They staged one of the greatest comebacks ever, at any level of football, coming back from a 26-13 deficit to score two touchdowns in the final minute of the game to win the championship.

On that night, we were all Riverhawks. Even if some of us did turn off the TV about 30 seconds too soon. My bad. It won’t happen again.

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Matt McGee

Matt McGee

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