Reason #17 to Love the Tri-Cities: Our Sunsets

Tri-Cities sunset

Between the lines

... made this Street of Gold


Orange, Purple, and Magenta Sunset

The Dark Night


I’ll put our sunsets up against any sunsets from anywhere else on earth. Wouldn’t you?

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Matt McGee

Matt McGee

Matt loves juicy cheeseburgers and ice cream. With M&Ms. (The ice cream, that is. Not the cheeseburgers.) He's also a sucker for beautiful sunsets. Matt is the editor-in-chief of two marketing-related news sites and is one of those weirdos that enjoys public speaking. His claims to fame are having a letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated and being an extra in Thelma & Louise. (The early scene in the bar. When the camera is on Geena Davis as she's sitting down. I walk behind her. You can only see me from the stomach down to my hips/thighs. Blue jeans and a plaid-style shirt, as I recall. But it's me. Serious.)

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  • Interestingly, my favorite picture was the one of a street and not of the sunset itself. I’m sure there’s an analogy or deeper meaning to found in that somewhere. 😉 Gorgeous sunsets indeed.