Cougars and Huskies and Fightin’ Irish … Oh My!

You Cougar fans are cute.

I admire your tenacity. I admire your dogged support (see what I did there?) of sports teams that are usually really bad. Like, sometimes unwatchably bad. And yet, there you go every Saturday in the fall, driving out through God’s country to the middle of East Washingzikstan to faithfully cheer on your team no matter how hopeless the rest of the world says the game will be for the Crimson and Gray. You guys are great fans, and I say that with genuine feeling.

You Husky fans are cute, too.

I admire your pride. (See what I did there?) I admire the way you believe that your football team is a national-level powerhouse, even though you’ve never had a Heisman Trophy winner, haven’t had a 10+ win season since 2000 and have only won three bowl games in the last 20 years. Yet, there you go calling in to sports radio, talking about your team in the same breath as the Alabamas, USCs and Michigans of NCAA football. (Hey, the first step to being a national powerhouse is believing you’re one, right? Right.) You guys are completely opposite of Cougar fans, but you’re also great and I say that, too, with genuine feeling.

In the mid 1990s, I hosted a sports radio call-in show on 870 AM here in town and my favorite week each year, bar none, was Apple Cup week. That was the one week that I knew I’d have a ton of great phone calls to fill the full two hours every day, and you guys never let me down. Never! We could’ve extended the show to 10 hours, such was (is) the passion that you both have, especially during Apple Cup week. I had no personal care in the game itself, so I took the calls and did those shows with a sense of detachment, but I always admired fans on both sides for their unwavering support and dedication to the teams.

Me? I grew up a Notre Dame fan and still am one today. I’m loving our current resurgence on the national scene after 20 mostly lean years, so much so that I actually spent an arm and a leg back in January to watch Alabama crush us in person in the BCS title game.

I didn’t attend Notre Dame, though; it didn’t have a lot of classes in my chosen career, so I went to Pepperdine, a school that doesn’t even have a football team. Ouch. In fact, here’s a confession: I’ve never even been to a football game at Notre Dame. Never even stepped foot on the campus. I’m a huge ND fan, but I’ve always been a fan from afar.

You guys, you Cougs and Huskies, you have your teams right here in your back yards. You’ve been on campus, you’ve sat in the bleachers and yelled for your teams at the top of your lungs, even when the score wasn’t going your way.

I admire you guys. And, to be frank, I’m kinda jealous.

Just remember that, until we play again, I still have scoreboard on both of you:

So, as I was saying, I do admire you and you’re great fans, but still … #GoIrish.

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Matt McGee

Matt McGee

Matt loves juicy cheeseburgers and ice cream. With M&Ms. (The ice cream, that is. Not the cheeseburgers.) He's also a sucker for beautiful sunsets. Matt is the editor-in-chief of two marketing-related news sites and is one of those weirdos that enjoys public speaking. His claims to fame are having a letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated and being an extra in Thelma & Louise. (The early scene in the bar. When the camera is on Geena Davis as she's sitting down. I walk behind her. You can only see me from the stomach down to my hips/thighs. Blue jeans and a plaid-style shirt, as I recall. But it's me. Serious.)

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  • I kinda hate being a Coug fan. But I am one and will always be one. I guess it just makes it easier for me to focus on the Seahawks and the NFL. Go Hawks!!

  • Matt McGee

    GO HAWKS!!!