Are We Really a Community?

I’m a dreamer.

One day I’d like to wake up and find things like this in my community:

  • People supporting Obamacare without being called socialists.
  • People supporting the traditional definition of marriage without being called bigots or homophobes.
  • People supporting stronger gun control without being called communists or freedom haters.
  • People supporting the pro-life stance without being called “anti-choice” or women haters.
  • People supporting (insert hot-button issue here) without being called (insert hateful insult here).

I’m also a realist.

None of that’s going to happen anytime soon because we often tolerate and respect only the (smaller) community of people who think the same things we do. And I’m guilty of that at times, too.

Disagreement can be good. I don’t ever want to be surrounded by people who are exactly like me and believe the same things I do.

But are we really a community if we don’t at least respect those with whom we disagree? Are we a community if we hate people who believe things that we don’t?

Here’s one of my favorite quotes:

“To be one, to be united is a great thing. But to respect the right to be different may be even greater.”

Maybe someday I’ll wake up to a community like that. Until then, I’ll keep dreaming out loud about the kind of world I want to live in.

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Matt McGee

Matt McGee

Matt loves juicy cheeseburgers and ice cream. With M&Ms. (The ice cream, that is. Not the cheeseburgers.) He's also a sucker for beautiful sunsets. Matt is the editor-in-chief of two marketing-related news sites and is one of those weirdos that enjoys public speaking. His claims to fame are having a letter to the editor published in Sports Illustrated and being an extra in Thelma & Louise. (The early scene in the bar. When the camera is on Geena Davis as she's sitting down. I walk behind her. You can only see me from the stomach down to my hips/thighs. Blue jeans and a plaid-style shirt, as I recall. But it's me. Serious.)

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