Be Happy, Give Happy.

Have you ever tried helping someone move a piece of furniture and found you simply didn’t have the strength to move it?

Or have you ever wanted to help a friend or family member financially, but didn’t have the resources to do so?

Or perhaps you’ve had someone try and give you advice about something they actually don’t have any experience in at all?

Well, you CAN make a meaningful impact in the lives of others and bring them true joy and happiness by taking a few simple, but crucial steps.

These steps will ensure you have the resources, energy, and credibility you both want and need.

First, take a moment and determine what activities, if you were to do every single day, would undoubtedly contribute significantly to your own true happiness.

Then, plug those activities into your daily routine—ideally in writing, and better yet, put it on your calendar!

Then third, commit to making those activities a priority—every single day!

Remember, this isn’t about selfish me time.

It’s all about proactively and consistently, filling up your own happy tank in order to ensure you have the resources necessary to deliver the value you want to share with others throughout the day.

You’ll be proactively positioning yourself, to Be Happy!

So again, my invitation to you today is a simple one.

  1. Determine which activities—if done daily—would undoubtedly increase your own happiness.
  2. Plug those activities into your daily routine.
  3. Commit to making those activities a priority (remembering that you’re filling your own happy tank in order to have the resources to draw from later).
  4. And then happily keep an eye out for opportunities to lift up those around you.

You always have a choice.

As for me, I choose to Be Happy, Give Happy.

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Keith Nerdin

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  • Sara Taylor

    Hooray for simple, good advice! I’m trying to give myself the things I need on a daily basis. It’s so much harder than it has a right to be!! I think I’m going to write about this.

  • Somehow I missed this comment Sara. Thanks for this. And yes…I totally agree. We do make it way harder than it needs to be. 🙂