Ode to APAD

Anybody who’s connected to me via social media was probably sick of my incessant posts to pimp Scott Strazzante’s Kickstarter campaign for Common Ground: The Book. I hyped that link way more times than I have ever promoted my own work or even this amazing video of my mom’s Red Wedding reaction by my brother.

I’ve never met Scott, and don’t have any ties to rural or suburban Illinois. It’s an amazing project you can read even more about here, but it wasn’t just wanting to have a copy of the book that made me share the link so many times.

As a college photographer, my friend and fellow shooter Zac Goodwin introduced me to A Photo A Day, an email listserv created by Melissa Lyttle of the Tampa Bay Times. The group was created as a way for Melissa and her friend to share outtakes and the photos they made for themselves as a creative release from the often stodgy photographic sensibilities of newspapers. It now includes 1,300 members who use the group for critiques, ethics discussions and to serve as that always important creative outlet.

Even more important is the strength of the community Melissa created.

One of my most exciting milestones as a photographer was getting my first APAD Front, a choice selection by Melissa each day; I didn’t hesitate to offer up my couch to a fellow APADer visiting the Tri-Cities to work on a project; and the Geekfest gatherings have been some of the most fun trips of my life.

I had the pleasure of watching as Scott’s Common Ground project developed via the listserv and I can’t wait til my copy arrives.

For some more APAD goodness, check out member Sam Saccone’s APAD scroller, which gives you a mouse-click-saving way to see the past fronts.

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Kai-Huei Yau

Kai-Huei Yau

Kai-Huei Yau was a photojournalist at the Tri-City Herald for six years and recently moved west to be a communications specialist at Vertafore in Bothell. He's thrilled to live next to a great fried chicken joint, a good spot for pho and to put his journalism skills to work in a new way.

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