Family Matters

For a professional photographer, I’ve shared awfully few photos on here, so I’m going to open my 2014 Pot Luck experience with a look at my funky family. It may be a little self-indulgent, but these photos seem to generate the most compliments of any of my work.

I wish I could take all the credit for these photos, but my family’s willingness to indulge in my weirder ideas as well as contributing a few of their own is what really shines through. And since my brother is in Senegal for the Peace Corps, it’s fun for me to look through these until we can do some more photos when he’s done in two years.

All the photos are by me except for the pictures of me in the silly composite, the photo of the three of us in wedding dresses and the one of the family in choral robes. While the lighting and concepts were by me, credit goes to ex-girlfriends Jesse McKeon for the composite and Kyla Haren for working the camera in the other two. Otherwise, it’s a combination of self timers or remote shutter releases.

And if you’re wondering why my brother and I wore wedding dresses, it’s because my sister wanted to get a photo of the three of us on her wedding day, but we forgot to. The triple wedding dress portrait was my suggestion to make up for that missed opportunity.

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Kai-Huei Yau

Kai-Huei Yau

Kai-Huei Yau was a photojournalist at the Tri-City Herald for six years and recently moved west to be a communications specialist at Vertafore in Bothell. He's thrilled to live next to a great fried chicken joint, a good spot for pho and to put his journalism skills to work in a new way.

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