One Holiday at a Time

This time of year is a bit upsetting to me. People were all geared up for Halloween, decorating their houses, buying costumes, and preparing parties. Thanksgiving (one of my favorite holidays) is near, but too many people are already overlooking it in favor of Christmas. Yes, Christmas is awesome (for many reasons), but that letting that excitement overshadow a holiday meant to reflect on all the great parts of our lives is a mistake.

I think this highlights a problem with our world today. We’re all too eager for the things we want. Instant gratification. A lack of understanding why things are special. We get so excited for things that we just can’t wait and have to stretch them out as long as possible. Instead of just enjoying a holiday for what it is, we spend so much effort creating a “season” and expecting the holiday joy to be there the whole time.

It doesn’t work that way. Holidays are special because they’re short-lived. They’re special because of the people around us. Extending them out not only diminishes the day itself, but the people around us.

Enjoy holidays for what they are. Don’t try to make them “bigger”. One holiday at a time.

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John Higley

John Higley

I'm a software developer, working remotely from Richland, WA, working on solving the many issues of managing financial services products on the web. I'm fascinated by the user experience of web sites and applications and read way more than I should. Working on effectively sharing knowledge and ideas has become a recent, but burning, passion.

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  • Lou Galindo

    I’m with you 100000000%! It really annoys me that people already have their Christmas decorations up and that tv stations are showing Christmas movies nonstop. I hate walking into a store in early October and seeing Christmas decorations side-by-side with Halloween decorations. Seriously? One holiday at a time, people!

  • Matt McGee

    And don’t get me started on the stores that are opening for business on Thanksgiving day/night. Sooooo wrong.