Merry Christmas From The Pot-Luck

No one has received better gifts than I have this year. 

I was somehow able to convince over 35 people to write for this project this year. A project that had little foundation or direction. By agreeing to write for this blog, each person gave me a gift, one I can never thank them enough for. 

Each of you that are reading this have given me a gift, too. Writing isn’t very useful without people reading it. And by reading, commenting, and sharing these posts, you’ve given me (and all the writers) gifts; gifts that are added to every day. 

2014 will soon be upon us, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what’s in store for The Pot-Luck. I hope that what you all get out of The Pot-Luck is as great as the gifts I’ve gotten out of it. 

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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John Higley

John Higley

I'm a software developer, working remotely from Richland, WA, working on solving the many issues of managing financial services products on the web. I'm fascinated by the user experience of web sites and applications and read way more than I should. Working on effectively sharing knowledge and ideas has become a recent, but burning, passion.

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