A wise friend once told me, “endings can be a really good thing.”

The first Pot-Luck post was one year ago today. 330 posts later, this post will be the final post.

This project started over a year ago; my attempt to help the community understand how many fantastic people it had in it and give some of those people an avenue to share their thoughts. Some of the people I already knew personally; some were known just through Twitter or other online channels. Yet all of them agreed to participate, even though I could barely explain what this project really was (because I didn’t know myself).

To say that The Pot-Luck surpassed my expectations would be to vastly understate things. I will not mince words: this project changed my life, for the better. I have made new friendships, strengthened existing ones, and been able to share the amazing thoughts of these people with the world. Many authors had little to no experience sharing their writing (and needed a lot of convincing), yet all of them were among the most popular writers. My greatest gift from this project has been knowing I was able to help others find their voice and share it with the world.

The decision to discontinue The Pot-Luck was not made lightly. I’ve agonized for months about it. There wasn’t any particular reason. I had a lot of fear of letting go, of letting everyone down. But in my heart, the timing just felt right. We accomplished everything we set out to do, so I’d rather go out on top than struggle at some point and ruin what we’ve already done.

Ending The Pot-Luck will enable everyone involved to use their inspirations to create their own projects; their own “pot-lucks”, if you will.

I can’t say goodbye without saying thank you to everyone out there reading this blog. Your comments have meant so much to me and the authors. Not only that, but your continued reading has validated the idea that people are interested in the thoughts of “real” people and building a community with people unafraid to share thoughts that aren’t necessarily easy to explain.

The Pot-Luck site won’t be going anywhere. Each post will continue to live right where it is. I’ll be revamping the site soon to make it a bit easier to find and read the posts of the past. Be sure to view the author information of the authors you’re interested in to find out other locations you can find their writing (Twitter, Facebook, other blogs, etc.) This will not be the last you hear of these folks.

This has been an unforgettable experience for me, and I hope it was for you too. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

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John Higley

John Higley

I'm a software developer, working remotely from Richland, WA, working on solving the many issues of managing financial services products on the web. I'm fascinated by the user experience of web sites and applications and read way more than I should. Working on effectively sharing knowledge and ideas has become a recent, but burning, passion.

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  • Jergrif73

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to share here. It’s
    been a great experience. And thanks for creating this venue. People like you, are
    why there are only around two degrees of separation in the Tri-Cities and
    surrounding areas; bringing a mindful awareness, that we are all in fact,
    connected. A community.

  • adambrault

    Thank you for everything, John!

  • Suzy Garza Higley

    Life Changing for me. Positively! I would never in-a-million years have shared the things i shared with so many, if it weren’t for the Pot-Luck. It’s been a wonderful year of growth and friendship.

  • Becca Lingley

    Thank you for this opportunity to participate and to learn about others. It was such a great experience 🙂

  • Kriste Colley

    Thank you, John, for putting so much of YOURSELF out there, both for the community and for us as writers.

  • Matt McGee

    Just want to echo the earlier comments, John — a wonderful idea that was executed beautifully. Thanks for having the courage to stick your neck out and create this.

  • John, thank you for all of your hard work in organizing, launching, and maintaining this project. I am so grateful for you!

  • Nothing original here. Just a big ole bear hug and a heartfelt thank you. Such a cool project!