Definitive Introspection

In being new to The Pot-Luck I needed to come up with a bio. Nothing too fancy, long, drawn out, deep, etc.

And so…

How do I define myself?

By my profession?

By my accomplishments?

By my skills?

I have an account so that I may listen to books at work or on the road, or where ever. I’m not a fast reader. Not that I cannot read, but more so, I like to dwell on passages. This can make for a much longer reading session than I can give credence to. So, mostly I listen to books. And besides, who doesn’t love a great narration anyway?

I am in the process of listening to Eckhart Tolle’s “Practicing Presence”. I won’t go into the details of what it’s about. If you are curious, you can search for it online. If not, that works too. In any event, there is a part where Tolle talks about “things”. How we are obsessed with “things”. These “things” are not just material, tangible things, but thoughts, mental constructs, ideals, memories, etc. as well. We are obsessed with things. These things are great in structuring our lives. They help us stay focused. To keep our eye on the prize. And they are great in limiting our possibilities.

When I tell people that I am a union sheet metal worker, I feel like I am immediately pigeonholing their perception of my profession (as I do myself when I state that) and so I go into the particulars past the initial description. And yet, still, that is too limiting. When someone asks me what I like to do for recreation, I tell them that I like to karaoke, or perform in musicals, or to perform in a choir, or to paint and draw, or to just design things for myself. And yet, still, that is too limiting. Or when someone asks me what kind of music I like, I tell them anything grunge, classic rock, pop, Indie, techno, blue grass, contemporary… still too limiting.

All of this is just so compartmentalized; so constrictive; so linear…

We can easily become wrapped in the story of how we define ourselves through our current profession and skills and our past accomplishments. It’s easy. It can be comfortable to fit into that label. But honestly, we are all so much more than the labels that we place on ourselves.

How do I define myself?

Ultimately I don’t. I’ll leave that to the people that like putting everything into nice little boxes.

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Jeremiah Griffith

Jeremiah Griffith

Jeremiah, as his friends affectionately call him (Jeremy to people that want to unintentionally get under his skin) is a father to four people, a friend to many and nemesis to a few. That’s not his story though, that’s theirs. And by “his”, I mean “mine” and by “theirs”, I still mean “theirs”. Because I am him and they are them.

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  • Wendy

    People who can be defined simply by their work or a few of their recreational hobbies would be dull.

  • Jergrif73

    It’s interesting how we do that. This is a big reality in in the construction trades, but I would say that it transcends most professions. And while there is no shame in having pride in what we do, it can stifle us in keeping within those constraints of the definition of what we do for money or like to do for fun.

  • Becca Lingley

    Great first post! Welcome to the PotLuck!

  • Jergrif73

    Thanks Becca!