What drives us?

If I asked you right now, today, what motivates you to do the things you do, what would be your answer? Is it something that you deep down, with all your heart and soul, can pinpoint? It’s tough to determine sometimes, I know.

But what if I could tell you that you would die in seven days, would that change your answer? Of course it would. It would change your priorities, your sense of what is valuable, and your passion to live life RIGHT FRICKEN NOW! Your life would be turned upside down. The inevitable end is tough to think about and sometimes it’s down right scary.

Determining what drives someone in the short term is usually an easier answer to come up with than what it is over the long haul. Short-term driving scenarios are usually easy to pinpoint. Our reptilian instincts take over. But it’s the drive in our everyday lives that takes a bit of exploring. We see people around us that ooze with passion and drive and rub against us to spark that next jolt to move us along. There are others we see that are at the brink of despair that desperately need a reason not to jump. We all need that drive to live and breath and move along this (hopefully) long path of life.

But what DRIVES us? Everything. Every decision, every relationship, every past experience, and every future uncertainty… everything.

Was there ever a time in your life that a decision could have changed the way your life is today? Yup. That decision to be in that very place to meet the future love of your life. That decision to pick up the phone that lead to a conversion you had no clue you would be having. That choice to believe in something or someone. It’s all around us. Things are happening right now around you that will drive you to some conclusion down the road and you haven’t even realized yet.

“You don’t form drive, you uncover it.” – Tony Robbins

I uncovered my drive for this current stretch of life. But, it took a long time. It took many days of reflection and tough times to figure out what kept compelling me to strive for something greater. It wasn’t easy. It was downright hard and depressing at times. It happened almost seven years ago today and still affects me to this very moment. I couldn’t have known then that it was going to cause a chain of reactions so great that it in itself created the seeds that grew into even more moments of drive. You just never know.

These moments are swirling around us, look around, you may not see them now, but you’ll feel them later.


So what was it? What drives me right now? Well, you made it this far and I thank you for taking the time out of your life to do so, it’s actually very flattering. But unless you care to know, our time here is done. Thanks for your time.

You’re still reading? Ok fine, story time, the very abbreviated version…

I still remember the day very vividly. I remember where I was when I heard. I was helping a friend rebuild their cabin that was taken away from them by an unfortunate forest fire. We were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, but somehow word reached us on a Nextel. A 10 second conversation on that phone sent us tearing up US-195 to Spokane. The almost 2 hour drive seemed to fly by as my thoughts were starting to make me numb to the reality that was about to shape me. I could never imagine the rush of emotions that would be coursing through my veins in a matter of moments.

Halfway jogging, I rounded the corner of the very sterile and quiet environment. I caught a glimpse of her and I melted. I was instantly hit by a ton of emotion filled bricks. With every step I got closer, the bricks broke me down. My family was all around, with tissues in hand. I was the last one to arrive. They all cleared the room to give me my moment. My heart was ripping from my chest and the reality was clear. This was goodbye.

As the final moments came, I remember holding her hand gently and gazing at her in heartache and love. I whispered to her “It’s alright mom, you can let go now. I love you.” and then it was over. Her pain slipped away as the machines were stripped from her body.

I tirelessly work to make her proud. That’s what drives me.

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Jeff Boyus

Jeff Boyus is a software developer working to make experiences for humans using computing devices. He enjoys sports and being with his family. Jeff would be nothing today without the love and support from his wife and two beautiful children. Usually Jeff is the one cracking a joke and trying to bring a smile to your face. So, we should all do him a favor and laugh at his not so funny jokes. He thinks he’s funny.

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  • Shenoa Lawrence

    Very lovely, very real sentiments. Thank you.

  • Becca Lingley

    Thank you for your honesty – I really appreciated your posting.

  • Jeff Boyus

    Thanks Shenoa!

  • Jeff Boyus

    Honesty is the best policy! Thanks for reading this post!