Visions and Dreams

I have been thinking about the dreams I have for my life. It’s so easy to sit back, close my eyes and dream. To dream big dreams. I imagine all the things that I hope to accomplish or see or do. To lay there and get lost in what I hope for my future.

The thing is dreaming is great. It gives you something to wish for, to hope for, to strive for. But if that’s all you do, you will eventually find that time has slipped by and instead of a dream you have regret.

I then thought about vision. A vision for the future. What’s the difference between a vision and a dream? What I think it is is that you dream with your eyes closed. You shoot for the moon. You hope and imagine all possible outcomes. Dreams give you the most extreme possible outcome. Vision on the other hand starts after the dream. It’s when you sit up and open your eyes. You can’t have vision with your eyes closed. You look at the road ahead and see what it will take to get you to the goal.

Vision is boots on the ground. Vision is what it takes to start the work. It’s less talk, more action. Vision inspires the masses. It remembers the dream yet sees the path to get there.

You can’t have one without the other. A dream without vision is a life of regret. Vision without a dream will take you where everyone else is going. It follows the crowd.

So don’t bother dreaming about something that you aren’t willing to work for. But once you are done dreaming, open your eyes and transform that dream into a vision for your future.

Dream it. See it. Do it.

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Franco Vallejos

Franco Vallejos

I am the founder of ExamRefresh. A site dedicated to furthering the education of medical professionals. Education is my passion. I am the husband of 1 and the father of 4. We are transplants to Washington state but we call it home.

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  • Such a great message Franco. Thanks for thinking this through and sharing it with us. I really like it. As I began reading it, I would think about how I might relate what you were writing about. But then, as I continued, you’d touch on those thoughts as well plus add additional insights.