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When I think about creativity my mind goes straight to artists. Painters. Musicians. Sculptors. Mostly those that produce some form of art.

So what about those that we don’t think of as “creative”.

There are a lot of people who are not typically creative. But what does it mean to actually create?

If you really think about it, what does a painter do? He takes a blank canvas and paint and puts them together to create something that is different than the original materials.

The canvas and paint are items available to anyone but the painter is able to create something out them that most people cannot.

Think about the time you tried to play a musical instrument. It’s something that is available to everyone but there are only those talented or trained individuals that can create music.

So can anyone create? Can anyone take resources that are available to all people and create something that others can appreciate? I truly think they can.

I was watching an architect draw up the plans to my house. He started with a blank computer screen and created something that will eventually be a home to my family. He created that amazing drawing from what I saw as nothing. He will give those plans to the homebuilder who will take them and order the raw materials. He will start with piles of wood and nails, glass and tile and create something that I could never do.

While eating out I marvel at what the Chef is able to create out of the same ingredients that I have in my refrigerator.

A friend of mine has a business where he creates the most amazing things out of concrete. Floors and furniture that I never thought was possible. He takes something plain like cement and creates some of the most beautiful objects I have ever seen.

So think about it. What do you have available to you that you can turn into something that others can appreciate?

Some take a plain text editor and create amazing software, applications and websites. Others take a thought or process and create a business that didn’t exist before.

We are all able to create something. What are you creating? What could you be creating? We all have something to offer that others don’t have.

Creativity comes from seeing something that others cannot. Others may see the pile of raw materials and we see the finished product. I see wood, a builder sees a home. I see a problem, the businessman sees an opportunity.

What do you see that others cannot. Take the uniqueness inside of you and the materials available to you and go create something!

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Franco Vallejos

Franco Vallejos

I am the founder of ExamRefresh. A site dedicated to furthering the education of medical professionals. Education is my passion. I am the husband of 1 and the father of 4. We are transplants to Washington state but we call it home.

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