Who is you?

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Erin Anacker

I'm Erin Anacker, founder of pixology—a nimble little business infiltrating the design industry as an ardent voice for entrepreneurship and community. As a Tri Cities transplant, I am still finding my way, working extra hard at cultivating meaningful relationships. Luckily, I've happened upon a wonderful, growing community. These creative thinkers and entrepreneurial minded people are helping light the way, with passion and encouragement.

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  • Suzy Garza Higley

    She was Tawny apparently. lol…funny! she was a nice girl to see you liked it and not say anything. cute story 🙂

  • That was flippin’ hilarious! I was totally waiting for some life-lesson-wrap-up at the end.

    So glad it wasn’t there. Nice work Erin. 🙂

  • Sara Taylor


  • Lou Galindo

    That was pretty funny. It’s sweet that she didn’t say anything because she saw how much you loved it.