A love child born of inspiration

Smack dab in the middle of the heartland exists a vibrant city. It moves with an infectious energy; through and through, it is chalk full of creativity. There reside makers, doers, thinkers, and cultivators.

Upon stepping off the airport shuttle into the intimate downtown of Austin, TX, my best friend and I were consumed. Everyone dressed with flair, style, and intention (no socks and sandals business). The colors were rich and bright; the dresses, long and knit; the shoes, bold and often boots.

As if Portland, OR and Bozeman, MT had a wild night in Texas, Austin is an artsy, modern love child with big smiles and loads of southern kindness. We loved every minute we were there (despite going through several shirts a day due to humidity). Within the first 24 hours, we met the founder of Uncommon, Jennifer and JenniferMr. Frost and Mrs. Frost, and Davatron5000 . Then, at the end of the week, we had the pleasure of meeting the master maker behind Canoe while eating delicious BBQ at the house of the adorable Ms. Ambrose.

It’s easy for me to get caught up in other places, especially the truly inspired ones like Austin. I long for a centralized downtown, a thriving, bustling creative community, and literally, greener grass. Life in the desert is not where I would choose to live, but it is where I live now. Instead of lamenting my position, I am instead reminded that living with intention is important and am inspired to pursue more artistic expression in my daily life.

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Erin Anacker

I'm Erin Anacker, founder of pixology—a nimble little business infiltrating the design industry as an ardent voice for entrepreneurship and community. As a Tri Cities transplant, I am still finding my way, working extra hard at cultivating meaningful relationships. Luckily, I've happened upon a wonderful, growing community. These creative thinkers and entrepreneurial minded people are helping light the way, with passion and encouragement.

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  • Michael Speegle

    E-dub, you’re like the eighth person to mention the awesomeness of Austin this week alone. Might well be worth checking out.