Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, March 14th – 16th

If only I had more time.

To smell more roses, to see more places, and to do more of what I love (and write more pot-luck posts). “I don’t have time!” is a constant refrain in my life. I say it at least once a week to friends hoping to get help on new ideas.  It’s my companion. It’s my enemy.

In the last couple years, it finally occurred to me: Since it’s too late to be a time lord, the only way to get more time to get things done is to find more people. Teams are so much more potent than individuals and building them in Tri-Cities has become my biggest goal. I believe there are many ways to start or join a team, but I am helping bring one of my favorite ways to Tri-Cities (for a second time!)…

Following the success of last year’s weekend back in September, the first Startup Weekend in the mid-columbia, I’m helping to organize the next Tri-Cities Startup Weekend on March 14th – 16th. It’s a weekend-only workshop/competition to pitch ideas, form teams, and try to lay the foundation of a new business. We need developers, designers, and entrepreneurs to join forces to help make the next generation of local ideas into something real.

If you register soon, you will save $20 with early bird registration until February 21st! You will get 7 meals (Friday dinner through Sunday dinner), 1 t-shirt, and 54 hours of action.

We’ll be back at the WSU, Tri-Cities CIC building, trying to help local ideas turn into local action. Last year’s attendees can tell you what a life-changing experience the weekend can be far better than I can, just watch this video…

Register now and I will make sure you have an amazing weekend, along with a dynamite team lending pooling their efforts including: Becca Lingley, Brett Spooner, Adam Brault, and Ty Mulholland. If you have an idea you know you can’t do alone or just want to demystify starting a business, then we’ll make sure you learn a lot while having a lot of fun.

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Erik Ralston

I am a web & mobile developer in Richland, working at Flex Rental Solutions building mobile apps for roadies, and otherwise trying to take over the world one app at a time. I am the organizer for Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, Mobile Makers Tri-Cities, event coordinator for Room to Think, and all-around enemy of social entropy in the community.

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  • Becca Lingley

    The Tri-Cities is lucky to have you, Erik. And the second Tri-Cities Startup Weekend is going to be even more awesome than the first!!!

  • Jergrif73

    This is really something that I think that I can get into. I’ll be busy this weekend, but just looking how it’s structured, and the content from last year, has gotten me pumped. Very cool.