In The Moment

I’m sitting in Florida on vacation, considering what to write about. I have a laundry list of topics I’ve accumulated for writing, but nothing is percolating tonight. So much has already been said about Room to Think (RIP, and I can’t say this post isn’t written with reflection of that fact in mind) and I have so much time ahead to talk about Tri-Cities Startup Weekend (tickets still available). Too tempting to stew about the past, very easy to just fantasize about the future, but thankfully the vacation has done one thing for me: pressed me into now.

In my experience, “getting away” is not about transporting your body away from home, but transforming your mind from a machine focused on “soon” back into a living creature able to live in “now”. Letting go of schedules, notifications, and maximizing the next future opportunity, instead trying to slow down and get to know the current opportunity. You don’t need to change your surroundings to live in the moment, but you do need to consciously choose “now” over “soon”; otherwise, you’ll find yourself in the most lonely of moments: gone.

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Erik Ralston

I am a web & mobile developer in Richland, working at Flex Rental Solutions building mobile apps for roadies, and otherwise trying to take over the world one app at a time. I am the organizer for Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, Mobile Makers Tri-Cities, event coordinator for Room to Think, and all-around enemy of social entropy in the community.

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  • Becca Lingley

    Reading this while on vacation made me appreciate it a little more.