Get Started & Keep Going

You’re waiting for something. You have dreams rattling around in your head all day, but come the next morning you’re never any closer to making them reality. There isn’t an hour that goes by without thinking about it, yet you never find an hour to do more than think.

I’d like to tell you there is a secret to making it happen, like some fashionable blog post about productivity secrets, but so far I’ve only found one method that works:

  1. Get Started
  2. Keep Going

But of course you know this, you already have Step #1 scheduled on a very important date: One Day. What if One Day could be sooner than you think? What if you could find three days?



On Friday September 20th, Tri-Citizens just like you, and hopefully anyone else with drive willing to drive, will descend on WSU Tri-Cities. They’ll bring with them that churning feeling in their guts that their life’s work is ahead yet unattainable. They will be greeted with food, advice, and time.

You need to be one of them.

They’ll share their ideas, form teams, and spend the weekend trying to build the best ideas into workable businesses. They’ll be assisted by local entrepreneurs who want to eliminate the roadblocks of nascent ideas so they can take root in this desert. Sunday night, the 22nd, there will be a final pitch where the teams show off their work, not just how they got started, but that they’re ready to keep going.

This event is called Startup Weekend, a common occurrence in larger cities, but coming to the Tri-Cities for the first time. Registration is $65 until September 1st, when it jumps to $75. Registration closes September 15th. That money buys the 7 meals for the weekend and comes with the time and teamwork to turn your big idea into a small reality.

For those most ready to start doing instead of dreaming, I will gladly do what is necessary to ensure those who need to be there:

The First 10 People to Register From This Link Will Get 50% Off The Ticket Price (Only $32.50)

Even if you can’t make it yourself, please share the link. If this isn’t your One Day, let it be for someone. Startup Weekend will be their great beginning, but will be up to them to keep going.

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Erik Ralston

I am a web & mobile developer in Richland, working at Flex Rental Solutions building mobile apps for roadies, and otherwise trying to take over the world one app at a time. I am the organizer for Tri-Cities Startup Weekend, Mobile Makers Tri-Cities, event coordinator for Room to Think, and all-around enemy of social entropy in the community.

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