Decisions, Decisions, Decisions.

You don’t have to look far beyond that time you were trying to figure out where to go for dinner with your family/friends/significant other to know how challenging it can be to make group decisions. Especially when you’re hungry… UGH JUST PICK SOMETHING I’LL EAT THE TABLE!!

So consider the difficulty of a larger decision, like, perhaps, one involving the fiduciary responsibilities of our country. Think of the number of interests involved. Oh and they’re all past hungry, now they’re just HANGRY.

You can relate. If even on a small scale.

No matter the example, any decision being made without you is subject to your judgement. Which is entirely normal and human (and encouraged!).

Might I just remind you to pass your judgment with decency. Someday you may have to make a decision that will not sit well with all affected by it. Be mindful of how you would like to be told you made the wrong choice.

I feel like this is a good time to remind ourselves to be good to one another.

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Eric Zanol

Eric does some front-end webbing and some operations stuff at &yet. He's got an awesome wife, a two great little boys. Some of his favorite pastimes include watching the Seahawks, drooling over fancy cars, and "gadgets."

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  • Steve Meddaugh

    Well said, Eric. Thank you.

  • melanie

    nicely written my friend