A Chain of Events

I have spent the first part of November working through the book Hot Prospects by Bill Good. It is essentially a sales coaching guide designed to take you through the different stages of sales, from prospecting to close.

I have never received any formal sales training, much of the training I have received comes through trial by fire. But working through the book made me realize some of the mistakes I had made while prospecting in earlier jobs.

I’m partly glad I received the experience first and the training later, if not I would not be able to relate to any of the examples he gives in the book. Of course I had researched “best sales and prospecting practices” many times but never really worked through an entire system beginning to end.

But this is not a book review. What is interesting (to me at least) is how I got my hands on this book, a book that I consider my “only official sales training” to date.

So, how did I get my hands on this book? Here, I offer a series of events:

  1. In August I tweeted that I was looking for career opportunities.
  2. A couple of days later Erik Ralston sent me a LinkedIn message
  3. We set up a coffee meeting then an interview with Kenn Petersen.
  4. A month before that Kenn had made a series of connections at TriConf, where he met Keith Nerdin.
  5. In September I started working at Addisolv as Marketing Specialist.
  6. Not long after Keith recommended a book on prospecting to Kenn, which Kenn thought I should read.

And voilà, that is what happens when a couple of people make constructive connections which may lead to genuine friendships along the road. I probably would have read this book through other means, but as I was powering through the book I was thinking how neat it was that Keith recommended the book.

I use this merely as an example. My experiences are not unique, there are millions of these tiny connected threads catalyzing small chain reactions that occur every second of the day in every community, in every part of the world. It’s just what happens when people meet and those people meet other people and exchanges are made and networks are created. I think this is wonderful.

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Elsie Puig

Elsie Puig

Hello! My name is Elsie and I am a Marketing Specialist for Addisolv, LLC of Richland, WA. I also write for The Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business where I get to tell locals about cool businesses and entrepreneurs in the Tri-Cities and the exciting things they're doing.I moved to the Tri-Cities in the Fall of 2010 from Miami, Fl. Ever since I got here, I wondered what a recently graduated Cuban-American would do in the Tri-Cities. Then I got on Twitter and the rest is history.I am also a mom of two and wife to the man that dragged me here in the first place.The world is full of interesting people with stories that need to be told. I am a life-long student.

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  • It is interesting to take a step back and see how things/people/ideas end up coming together. Glad to hear the book is proving to be of value. 🙂

  • Elsie Puig

    Thanks Keith! 🙂