The Power of One

A looming decision hung over my head. Life was changing in big ways and I felt underwater. I was seeking advice that day; instead, I was blindsided. An admired colleague revealed an unyielding degree of faith in me. In their eyes, I could not fail. In their eyes, I was beyond my circumstance. To them, I was a wealth of potential. “Go out and do it, because nothing is stopping you.” was the message.

Small moments like lunch with a friend can easily become pivotal game-changers. During this lunch in particular I discovered power in the faith a single person can provide. That glimmer of inspiration quickly became a beacon within me. I hadn’t realized what was missing before. Now that I had it, I planned to carry the flame as far as it would go. I carry it today.

The faith and support of a friend is one of the most powerful fuels I’ve discovered since striking out on my own. It also happens to be a renewable resource.

When you see potential, let it be known. Be a source of faith for someone. Believe in their ideas and their ability to make them reality. Without you, someone might not live up to their potential. Without you, someone might give up… Don’t. Ever. Let. That. Happen. Deliver laser-guided words of doubt-crushing reassurance, embolden them with an adrenaline shot of perspective, and become their biggest fan, the power of one.

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Doug Waltman

I am a recovering superhero on a mission to make the world a better place. My goal is connecting people. I team up with like-minds to build user experiences through color, code, and a little bit of of magic.

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  • Crossdiver

    Love it Doug!! This was the wake-up call I needed…

  • This is great Doug! I’m loving how so many of these posts are interweaving and connecting. They’re all unique and completely capable of standing on their own two feet, but simultaneously combining into a rather cohesive and complementary project. Guess that’s what true community is all about?

  • Sara Taylor

    I love that! Good observation.

  • Sara Taylor

    “Deliver laser-guided words of doubt-crushing reassurance…” Love it!!