Whom Do You Miss The Most?

People come and go in our lives, we all know that. But you, yourself, are the one constant. There are several different “me’s”, though. I miss a couple Caris that I’ve been in the past. I sometimes miss the pre-parent Cari, whose only focus was herself and her husband. I miss the Cari whose dad was still alive. I miss the teenage Cari whose only goal was the get a good tan and kiss a boy by the time she was 16.

Last year, between January 11th and May 11th, I lost 32 pounds. I exercised every other day and changed my eating habits. I ate more fruits and vegetables, much less sugar, blah blah blah.

Since May of last year I have re-gained 20 pounds. Ugh.

The most recent Cari that I miss? The girl from last year. I don’t miss stepping on the scale with her. I do miss being physically fit. I miss being able to scramble all over Badger Mountain like it’s a walk in the park. I miss knowing that any outfit I wear will look cute because I don’t have to hide any fat rolls. I miss feeling fine after I eat a meal, not stuffed.

So, I’ve taken steps to see her again. She’ll come waltzing in someday soon, and I’ll be very glad to see her. I will not miss chubby Cari. She makes poor food choices. She isn’t as driven to get out and exercise. She doesn’t sleep as well.

Whom do you most miss? Can you see that person again? If so, take the steps you must to meet up again. And try not to lose touch with that person in the future.

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Cari McGee

My full name is Carol Marie McGann McGee. Most people just call me Cari. But, I answer to Pumpkin (my mom calls me that), Carol Love (from my brothers), Love (what my husband calls me), McGee (many of my real estate colleagues call me that) and, my favorite title, Mom.I love to read, run, and sell real estate. And laugh. I really love to laugh.

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  • Becca Lingley

    I’ve been having the exact same conversation with myself lately! I miss who I was when I was healthy and in shape last year. I’ve gone on a search to find that Becca again, too. 🙂

  • Cari McGann McGee

    Yay, Becca! But the current Becca is pretty great, so I can’t imagine an even better Becca! But, I look forward to meeting her!