The Bacon Window

I like how packages of bacon have a window for you to take a look at the underside of the bacon. I believe it’s a holdover from the days when bacon packages were not shrink-wrapped in clear plastic, but instead were boxed. You couldn’t see through the box, of course, but you needed to know the quality of the bacon you were getting, so they invented the bacon window so the consumer could see more. It was actually kind of ingenious.

I wish people had a bacon window. How many times have you met someone and, upon first glance, liked what you saw? We supposedly make snap judgments about people all of the time – within seven seconds, scientists tell us. Those seven seconds could be better utilized if I could quickly turn the person over/around/on his or her head, and peek in the bacon window.

Inside the People Bacon Window, we’d be able to see immediately if the person is thin on character, but fat on useless qualities. Does he like to lie? Can you trust her? Does the inside match the tempting outside? Is he appealing all the way through, or is he hiding something he hopes you’ll never see?

Think for a moment about a world wherein people had a bacon window. Would anything in your life be the same? Would you have married the same person? Would you think twice about allowing your teenager to stay home, alone, while you run some errands? Would you still be working for your boss? Would you have voted for the same people to hold office? Would YOU be the same?

I’m rather transparent. I can’t lie. Okay, that was a lie. But it IS very difficult for me to conceal information. A friend and I used to joke about if I had ever been caught with military intelligence during war time, what would happen. We could see it – me, strapped to a torture device. The Enemy, circling, cackling with laughter and joy at my imminent demise. “Tell me your secrets!” says the Enemy. “No!” I bravely shout. “TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!” the Enemy bellows again. “Okay,” I whimper, “The Canadians are going to come down through Metaline Falls and rendezvous with the Americans at…” and the entire structure of the battle plan would be revealed.

So, can I be trusted with government secrets? No! But my bacon window? I like to think what someone would see would be analogous to the outside. I like to think my outside isn’t promising something the inside doesn’t deliver. How about you?

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Cari McGee

My full name is Carol Marie McGann McGee. Most people just call me Cari. But, I answer to Pumpkin (my mom calls me that), Carol Love (from my brothers), Love (what my husband calls me), McGee (many of my real estate colleagues call me that) and, my favorite title, Mom.I love to read, run, and sell real estate. And laugh. I really love to laugh.

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  • Sara Taylor

    Nice, Cari! Transparency is a fantastic quality to possess. Straightforward, simple… no double speak or hidden motives. I’m a fan!

  • Cari McGann McGee

    Thanks, Sara! It might be rare in sales, but it’s who I am and I can’t change it now!