Success Defined

I’ve been thinking about this since last Friday, when it was a topic at The Collaborative. “What is your definition of success?”

Webster’s Dictionary defines success as follows:

Definition of SUCCESS

1 obsolete : outcome, result

2 a : degree or measure of succeeding

   b : favorable or desired outcome; also : the attainment of wealth, favor, or eminence

3: one that succeeds

Is this the definition that we measure our personal success by? I’m not really sure that I do. When I think about my personal success, I think about how I feel. How others around me feel. I used to measure success as accomplishments of or toward an outcome. But that wasn’t a very fulfilling measure. Especially when in life sometimes those outcomes don’t always come to fruition, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t still successful.

Therefore, I’ve created my own personal definition of success:

My Definition of SUCCESS

1: Living life on purpose.

2: Positively impacting the lives of those around me.

3: Being who I am without fearing if that isn’t good enough for someone else.

What’s yours?

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Becca Lingley

Hi, I’m Becca. I am a huge fan of doing things that make the world a better place. Generally that’s through helping one person at a time but I also like helping nonprofits and ideas be successful. I enjoy working in education because personal and professional development is so fulfilling and helping others achieve that experience and develop their abilities is personally rewarding.I love buying local and being local, baking my own bread, supporting my community, reading resumes, living a healthy lifestyle, getting excited about and championing new ideas (coworking!). I love economic development, though I don’t know why I’m so obsessed with it. I’m an idealist and a believer, with a personal life goal of doing my part to make the world a better place.

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  • This is great Becca! I borrowed my definition of success from someone and I really wish I could remember who. But I really do believe this and live by it. Success = Happiness. 🙂

  • Steve Meddaugh

    I think I’m going to use yours!

  • Sara Taylor

    I keep thinking about this as well… especially the part of the discussion that went something like this: “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. Wait… what do other people think about that?”
    Resolving that inner dissonance can be a lofty goal!

  • Becca Lingley

    That’s a nice, succinct definition. And one full of truth. Thanks for sharing!

  • Becca Lingley

    But one I believe is worth pursuing for our own sense of wholeness. That was such a good conversation. I’m glad I’m not the only one still chewing on things from it. 🙂

  • Becca Lingley

    go for it! It’s free for the taking/applying. 🙂