Nomadic Coworkers

The journey of nomad coworkers
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Article by Rémy Cagnol
Published 2013-01-10

“Meet people that make you feel at home
“Everyone is as welcoming as I ever could have hoped. Some of my most memorable conversations came out of being a member at a coworking space and the people I met while working there” says Troy.

Nicolas Bergé also talks about how it could be amusing to see a nomad have much more things in common with a community member than two members do with each other.

How to talk about travelling without talking about the incredible people we sometimes meet in our way? We could assume that nomad workers would be rather lonely travelers, only sharing intense moments with people they met. It is actually more than that. Coworking spaces allow you to jump into a whole culture of innovation, politics and socio economics.

Nathan says: “I think my sense of being a global citizen has been considerably increased by my coworking experiences all over the world”. Indeed, people are all but isolating themselves when they are in coworking spaces. And as a nomad you cannot isolate yourself from the rest of the world; you have to reach out and interact with people, in order to continue your journey. So just think about Coworking as a network that is constantly growing and in this sense the experience of being a nomad perfectly fits to the idea of coworking spaces.
3 simple TIPS to help you start nomad coworking

Don’t over plan! Allow things to be simple, adapt, and enjoy minimalism:
For a nomad coworker, changes are part of life outside or inside the Coworking space. By keeping things simple, it becomes easier to decipher what is meaningful in your life and work in a very distinct way. It also allows you to find out what is not essential. This could be a helpful tip to remember during an electricity/internet blackout, which can happen quite often in some countries.

Find a healthy balance between change and comfort
Of course you can find the balance by yourself. Otherwise, the curator of the Coworking space can be of invaluable assistance in this field. He/she will welcome you and will help you find the balance within the pure change that is constantly happening. Plus, since comfort is important, it is vital to feel welcomed when you are a nomad.

Although you are here temporally, always keep interacting. Firstly: because serendipity often comes from casual discussion. Secondly: because people will invite you to create with them. Remember, it has nothing to do with the location but more to do with a shared vision.”

The journey of the nomadic coworker requires a destination in the form of a coworking space.

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