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I read book reviews for new books and track down older books that established leaders cite. Part of building community is a shared sense of values so I look for the values of generosity and authenticity. On the lighter side, I enjoy sharing fun books, books that don’t take themselves too seriously; and anything that includes explosions.

Contagious: Why Things Catch On, by Jonah Berger, Simon and Schuster, 2013 Call number 658.8342 Berger 2013 at your local Richland Public Library

The most disconcerting thing about this book is that, although he cites and gives credit to The Tipping Point, he also dismisses it as “almost a decade ago.” Sigh.

Berger’s book is good if you want to understand why people respond to and buy what they buy. It is also good if you want to make them buy your stuff.

He discusses his six key STEPPS: Social Currency, Triggers, Emotion, Public, Practical Value, and Stories.

He illustrates with actual business stories. This wasn’t the most compelling read but was worth what I gave it; skimming the Introduction and Epilogue, checking out the references and index. I gave it 20 minutes.

Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values by Fred Kofman Call number 648.4 Koffman 2006 Sounds True Publishers at your local Richland Public Library

So this book will be truly transparent if you know Maslow and yoga. If you do not, you will need to read most of it. He teaches through storytelling (which can become a bit tedious) but is worth checking out (that is a librarian pun).

He includes a table (page 17), headed by a quote from Abraham Maslow, that compares Unconscious Attitudes with Conscious Attitudes. Example:

Unconscious = Unconditional Blame Conscious = Unconditional Responsibility.

Obviously, we all want to be conscious, mindful, and authentic.

Seal Team 666 by Weston Ochse Thomas Dunne Books, St. Martin’s Press, 2012

Ok, this is one of the strangest conglomerations of fiction genres I have ever read. This is a military action thriller – with demons. Think Warehouse 13 with creatures instead of artifacts. The author is retired Army Intelligence and has won the Bram Stoker award for First Novel. The team is 666, in case you missed that part, and the team includes a dog. The dog skydives, by the way:

Hoover was attached to the front of his parachute by her own harness, replacing the reserve. In addition to the harness, the dog had a muzzle protector, bubble glasses to protect her eyes, and a warming cloak worn beneath the harness. Hoover acted as if this was nothing special.

There is something here for everyone.

One final thought, if you haven’t read TH White, The Once and Future King, in awhile, try it again.

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Ann Roseberry

Ann Roseberry

Ann is a librarian. She has been one since the age of seven, second grade. She discovered the library at Marcus Whitman Elementary and never looked back. Her heroes are librarians and spies.Her home has been invaded by house rabbits and she eats what they do – carrots and parsley.

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