The Library Rules

Dedicated to Ty Holland and Doug Waltman (and others, you know who you are)

On January 29 some of my favorite people were “busted” for inappropriate behavior in the Lib. We have rules, you know. The best thing about our rules is that we do not tell you what they are. We just bust you. We like to have our secrets, our weapons, and our feet firmly on whatever accelerator we can find.

One of our rules is that you cannot eat upstairs. Another rule is that drinks must have a cover. Another rule is that the upstairs is a designated quiet zone. Where is the designation, you might ask. We don’t tell you ; we just bust you. Ah, power.

The point of this, of course, is the number of hidden rules that control and limit us all. I suppose there is some value to rules. Ask yourself, though, if you are following your own rules or someone else’s.

Final Note 1
And, of course, the pun is that the Library ROCKS AND RULES!!!

Final Note 2
Dearest Doug Waltman,
We have a rule against flipping a table, or tables over. No, not here, not in the Lib.

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Ann Roseberry

Ann Roseberry

Ann is a librarian. She has been one since the age of seven, second grade. She discovered the library at Marcus Whitman Elementary and never looked back. Her heroes are librarians and spies.Her home has been invaded by house rabbits and she eats what they do – carrots and parsley.

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  • Becca Lingley

    This post made me inexpressibly happy. 🙂

  • Doug Waltman

    You know, I thought I saw you at the store the other day and I didn’t say hello. I wasn’t sure you’d remember me. I have a big smile right now knowing that you haven’t.