Second Grade

My teacher was Mrs. Vivian McGelligot. She wore old lady heeled black lace up shoes and flowered dresses. She kept a lace trimmed hanky tucked into her watch band.

I loved her.

I was the good little smart girl who folded my hands on my desk and sat quietly when I finished my work. I always finished first.

One day, Mrs. McGelligot told me that, because I was sitting quietly and not bothering the other students, I could go to the library.

I walked down the hall from the kindergarten/first/second grade wing to the far wing beyond the principal’s office. It was so lovely and quiet in the hall.

I got to the library and walked into the rest of my life. The universe stopped for me so that I could feel the moment and know who I was and where I belong.

It was also in second grade that, again, sitting quietly at my desk, I realized – or decided – that “those” rules were for the others, not for me. More on not being a rules follower another time.

Second grade, a good year.

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Ann Roseberry

Ann Roseberry

Ann is a librarian. She has been one since the age of seven, second grade. She discovered the library at Marcus Whitman Elementary and never looked back. Her heroes are librarians and spies.Her home has been invaded by house rabbits and she eats what they do – carrots and parsley.

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