If It Is Printed in the New York Times, It Must Be True

An article I read several weeks ago (January 25, 2014) refuses to leave my mind. I am hoping that if I write-it-out, the content will go away and leave me alone.

The article dealt with the characteristics of high achievers. The focus was on people defined by their ethnicity, their religion, and their national origins. The data was interesting and, happily, did not provoke my ire.

The conclusions were that the three characteristics of high achievers included a superiority complex, insecurity, and impulse control.

I don’t believe those are exclusive to ethnic groups, religious definitions, or national origins. I believe we see a great concentration of those three characteristics locally.

What will not leave me alone is the conjunction of a sense of superiority and insecurity. That seems to me cause for grief and sadness but I have no brilliance to contribute to a solution for that.

Impulse control, aka delayed gratification or self-discipline, seems normal. We delay fun, relaxation, sleep, Ritz crackers and M&M’s. That’s all normal, right?

I wonder if there is some way to mediate between a sense of superiority and the pain of insecurity to find an achiever who is good to others and good to himself or herself.

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Ann Roseberry

Ann Roseberry

Ann is a librarian. She has been one since the age of seven, second grade. She discovered the library at Marcus Whitman Elementary and never looked back. Her heroes are librarians and spies.Her home has been invaded by house rabbits and she eats what they do – carrots and parsley.

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