Embracing Mondays

We have all heard people exclaim they were “working for the weekend” and share that they were suffering from a “case of the Mondays”. I am guilty of this myself, and I’ll bet the majority of you reading this are just as guilty. I recently presented myself with a challenge, and I invite you to join me.

When the alarm startles you awake on Monday morning, I challenge you to find joy in the new day. Don’t glare with revulsion at the dreadfully long week ahead, longing for Friday evening to roll around so you can enjoy life again.

Please don’t wish your life away.

There are millions of people in this world who want nothing more than to have your Monday; your life would be their dream come true. There are those who will never again enjoy a Monday outside of a hospital bed. There are heartbroken people aching to have their loved one back on this Earth for just one more Monday; for just one more embrace.

Join me in striving to embrace Mondays with fervor and passion, because everyday is a gift.

Yes, even Mondays.

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Amanda Bricknell

Amanda Bricknell

Amanda is a part-time Dental Hygienist and a full-time wife, mother and life-lover. She is a homebody in denial and has the tendency to overcommit herself. Putting her passion of writing and encouraging others to use, Amanda authors Momster Mash, a blog dedicated to "a sisterhood of mothers, encouraging one another as we grow."

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  • Kriste Colley

    Thank you, Amanda!! I can guiltily raise my hand and say that I’ve been guilty of wishing parts of my life away. That’s never my intention, but when I don’t live in the moment, that’s exactly what I’m doing! Thanks for the reminder!