About Us

Community. Collaboration. Creation. 30 influential writers bringing tasty thoughts to the table everyday.

The Pot-Luck is a collaborative writing effort featuring 30 people who each write a single thought every month (with some guest writers for those pesky 31 day months). It’s about exploring the intersection of both the traditional and modern senses of community. Traditional communities were centered on where people physically lived or worked. Online communities center on particular topics of interest. These types of communities are often completely separate. But they shouldn’t be. The Pot-Luck aims to bring together writers who have a sense of a traditional community but are also active in online communities such as Twitter. By blending these worlds, we hope to find greater understanding of how communities can grow and collaborate to make a difference in people’s lives.

This project was nearly a year in the making. After being inspired by the fantastic communities around DocType Society, Room to Think, and TriConf, I wanted to find a way to spread that same inspiration to a wider audience, one that isn’t necessarily technology related. I had an idea for a blog of some sort, but couldn’t find a way to structure it that really made sense. That’s when I discovered The Pastry Box Project. Getting 30 different people to take turns posting their thoughts mapped perfectly to what I wanted to accomplish. So I took that idea and ran with it.

With some more help and encouragement by friends, I set out to recruit some of the most interesting people I knew of to be the writers. While I believed in the project, I expected at least a third of the invitees to be skeptical or just uninterested. Instead, I found everyone to be extremely interested and eager to participate. And that makes me even more excited.